What are the most in-demand programs?

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Based on our research, the two most in-demand programs are a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) and helping registered nurses earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (RN to BSN). Other in-demand programs include General Studies, Psychology, Criminal Justice, IT Management, Health Administration, Accounting, Computer Science, Communication, Elementary Education, Marketing, Human and Family Studies, Human [...]

How do PKH and the university decide on what program to offer?

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The programs we offer are in-demand and aligned with the needs of the North Carolina workforce. We collaborate with institutions to evaluate what the opportunities are for better serving the adult learner. Together, we will identify what programs can be translated into the online space.

What is the market for adult learners in North Carolina?

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About 60,000 adult learners in North Carolina choose to go out of state for their online education. Another 1 million North Carolina adults have some form of college education, but no degree. In total, the serviceable addressable market in North Carolina is 2.4 million based on our research. These demographics show that the appetite for [...]

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