Our Mission

We serve North Carolina’s colleges and universities by significantly expanding access to higher education and increasing the attainment of high-quality credentials. We aim to benefit residents and employers in the state by bridging the gap between the skills required for a nationally competitive business climate and the current education opportunities available. By doing so, we will provide individuals with the tools and knowledge they need to succeed in the workforce, ultimately contributing to the economic growth and development of North Carolina.

Our Vision

Why Do We Exist?
We exist to make North Carolina a top state in which to work and live, its people more knowledgeable, and its culture richer.

What Do We Do?
We partner with the UNC System to produce a diverse, globally competitive workforce, foster scholarly research, and facilitate entrepreneurship.

How Do We Do That?
We maintain North Carolina’s competitive edge by aligning education and workforce development systems through our people, process, and technology. Our goal is to ensure that education is accessible to all, achieved through our relentless innovation to boost the attainment of high-quality and in-demand credentials.

“It’s our moral obligation to reach more adult learners with four-year options that are of a higher quality and more affordable.”

Peter Hans, President of the UNC System

The UNC System

The University of North Carolina (UNC) System is one of North Carolina’s greatest assets—a model for public higher education around the world. For over two centuries, it has made North Carolina’s economy stronger, its people more knowledgeable, and its culture richer.

Visit the UNC website to learn more about the UNC System, its mission, and its members—and for the answers to common questions.

Team and Culture

At Project Kitty Hawk, we value the amazing team members who make our vision a reality.
Our support for one another ensures that we are delivering the best product for working adults across the state of North Carolina.

Andrew Kelly
Andrew KellyInterim Chief Executive Officer
David Eby
David EbyChief Operating Officer
Jerraé 'Raé' Williams
Jerraé 'Raé' Williams Chief Financial Officer
Chris Boyd
Chris BoydVP, Operations
Brian Fleming
Brian FlemingVP, Business Development
Julie Carroll
Julie CarrollDirector of People Operations
Jack Lewandowski
Jack LewandowskiVP, Student Experience
Rachel Crinklaw
Rachel CrinklawSenior Strategic Relations and Governance Manager
Jerry Thompson
Jerry ThompsonVP, Technology

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did North Carolina give PKH $97 million?2023-09-27T22:17:27+00:00

North Carolina’s goal is to have 2 million residents in the state with a degree or high-quality credential by 2030. However, projections call for there to be a 400,000-resident gap. Therefore, North Carolina and the UNC System had to think creatively about how it would reach its educational goal. The adult learner market is often overlooked in traditional higher education, and the state legislature/UNC System decided on creating a separate organization—PKH—that would focus solely on bringing more adult learners into the UNC System.

This strategy will yield long-term results for the state by keeping the North Carolina talent pipeline stocked for years to come.

Why is the company named “Project Kitty Hawk”?2023-09-27T22:18:24+00:00

North Carolina’s history is filled with big ideas and being the “first.” The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill became the first public university in the U.S. when its doors opened in 1795. The first flight, achieved by the Wright Brothers, took place in 1903 in the small fishing village of Kitty Hawk.

We at PKH believe this first-of-its-kind idea can transform higher education in North Carolina. Our name aims to honor the innovation that’s pervaded through North Carolina for centuries.

Much like how the Wright Brothers’ aircraft took flight in Kitty Hawk, our goal is to help the careers of North Carolina adult learners, the state’s public universities, and the employers that power its economy take off—together.

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